Ventilation & Heating

VIP Renovations provides clients in Cork and all across Munster with a ventilation and heating service. We work closely with each client to ensure that the system installed matches their requirements.

All domestic and commercial properties need to have effective and functioning ventilation and heating systems. At VIP Renovations, we can assess your property and determine what system would match your needs and specifications. Our expert team can quickly and efficiently install all ventilation systems and oil boilers.

Home Ventilation & Heating

VIP Renovations can install or upgrade your home heating system. Our experienced team will ensure that your oil boiler works at maximum capacity ensuring that your home will be warm and cosy all year long.

Commercial Ventilation & Heating

Commercial and industrial properties must have the correct ventilation and heating systems installed to meet building regulations and laws. VIP Renovations can install and upgrade any commercial ventilation or oil boiler heating systems.

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