Buying a Derelict House and Securing Grants

Buying a Derelict House and Securing Grants

Unlocking Cork's Hidden Gems

Are you drawn to the charm of derelict houses, those potential diamonds in the rough, waiting to be transformed into your dream home? If you’re considering embarking on this exciting journey in Cork, you’re in for an adventure that combines history, creativity, and a touch of renovation magic.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step overview of the process of purchasing a derelict house in Cork, along with insights into grants that may be available to support your restoration dreams.

So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned property enthusiast, let’s dive into Cork’s unique world of derelict house restoration and discover the potential for your new home sweet home.


  • Start by searching for rundown or abandoned houses for sale in Cork through real estate websites, local newspapers, or with the help of estate agents.
  • Create a list of potential properties that catch your interest.
  • Property Inspection

  • Hire a professional building inspector or surveyor to carefully examine the derelict house.
  • They will check for issues like structural damage, decay, and any safety hazards.
  • You'll receive a report detailing the condition of the property.
  • Financing

    Determine how much money you can afford to spend on purchasing and renovating the derelict house.
    Explore your options for getting a mortgage from a bank or mortgage broker.
    Remember to account for additional costs like legal fees, property taxes, and insurance.

    Renovation Plans

    Work with architects, engineers, and contractors to create detailed renovation plans.
    Include architectural drawings, structural plans, and a timeline for the project.
    Get estimates for the cost of materials and labor.

    Grants and Financial Assistance

    Visit the official websites:
    To start your search for available grants and financial assistance programs, go to the official websites of Cork County Council and Cork City Council. These websites are reliable sources for information and applications.

    Cork County Council's website:
    Cork County Council Official Website
    Cork City Council's website: Cork City Council Official Website

    • Derelict Property Restoration Programs:
      Look specifically for programs that are designed to support derelict property restoration or energy-efficient upgrades. These programs may have different names and purposes, so read through their descriptions to find the ones that align with your project.
      - Example Program: "Derelict Sites Grant Scheme" (This is just an example; the actual name may vary.).
    • Check eligibility requirements:
      Review the eligibility criteria for each grant program you're interested in. Requirements can vary widely but may include factors like the property's location, your income, and the intended use of the property after restoration.
    • Grant amounts:
      Each program will specify the amount of funding it offers. Grants can range from partial funding to covering a significant portion of the renovation costs. Be sure to understand how much financial assistance you can expect to receive.
    • Application deadlines:
      Pay close attention to application deadlines for each program. Missing the deadline could mean losing out on the opportunity for financial assistance.
    • Required documents:
      Prepare the necessary documentation for your grant application. This typically includes proof of ownership or permission to renovate the property, detailed renovation plans, cost estimates, and any other documents specified in the application guidelines.
    • Professional assistance:
      If navigating the grant application process seems daunting, consider seeking assistance from experts or consultants who are experienced in securing grants for property renovation. They can help ensure your application is complete and compliant with program requirements.
    • Multiple programs:
      You may find that different grant programs are applicable to different aspects of your renovation project. For instance, one program might support structural improvements, while another focuses on energy efficiency. Explore all relevant programs to maximize your financial support. Remember that the availability of grants and eligibility criteria can change over time, so it's essential to stay updated by visiting the official websites regularly and consulting with the relevant authorities or grant providers.


    Fill out the application form for the grant or financial assistance program that suits your needs.
    Make sure your application includes all the required documents and meets the program's criteria.
    Submit your application before the specified deadline.


    Start the renovation work, following the approved plans and any conditions set by the grant program.
    Get the necessary building permits and schedule inspections as needed by local authorities.
    Keep thorough records of your expenses and the progress of the renovation.


    When the renovation is finished, arrange a final inspection to confirm that it complies with building codes and regulations.
    Obtain a completion certificate or any other necessary documentation.
    Your derelict house should now be transformed into a livable and potentially valuable property.

    Throughout this process, consider seeking guidance from professionals, especially when dealing with planning permissions, grants, and renovations.

    Stay informed about changes in grant programs or regulations by regularly checking official sources and consulting with local authorities.